Empathy lost somewhere


Article by Muhammad Attique Shah

So it’s been 30 years that they have been running the shops and farm carts. Almost +50 people depend on their earning. Firstly, each of these shopkeepers has children who are under their custody, are about to join their higher studies. The stoppage of their enterprises is adversely impacting on the education of their children. Further, each of these have employees who have further five to ten dependents, in total, the number of dependents of shop becomes +20, which is really a thoughtful number. The stoppage of education and a stop to the provision of medical facilities, calls the local and federal governments to ponder over the solemn issue, as they have all the legal documents which can prove their ownership to their enterprises and the time asks the government to issue them stay orders.

In this regard, Moro Awami Ettihad held a corner meeting to brainstorm about the possibilities that could be carried on against cruelty of Moro Muncipal Committee, where Raja G M Korai, Muhammad Attique Shah, Khan Pirzado and few others talked to participants of the corner meeting held in Shaheed Benazir Park Moro. Only one of their demands has been approved and few other demands regarding provision of proper placement to other small enterprises is remaining yet.



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