Graduation! What’s next?


Every year, after completing 4 years, numerous universities take pride in their students graduating and going on towards accomplishing the goals they set out to strive towards. The world out there, the professional life, can often be a difficult place to survive in. It can be slightly easier if the graduating batch were made aware in advance as to what they might be facing and how to tackle certain situations.

These issues and problems can arise at any point and life and one must keep tools with themselves to deal with them as efficiently as possible. It may happen to an individual that they’re asked to be interviewed at a place which emphasis on stress interviews. Learning to keep your rage and patience under check is one of the many lessons mentioned below,

1. Developing a healthy lifestyle:

When talking about a healthy lifestyle, this covers all aspects ranging from physical health all the way up to mental as well as spiritual health. Keeping a times schedule and a strict routine is part of it. Sitting in front of a screen all day, just writing code, that is not considered healthy. One needs to take great care of themselves in order to stay healthy.

2. To not be afraid to make mistakes:

Errors, as much as they are a part of computer science, are a part of us too. Mistakes are a part of what makes us human. It shows that we learn from the mistakes we make. If we’re making the same mistakes continuously, there has to be some factor that needs to be altered the next time one attempts the same act. A code isn’t running, something isn’t compiling, it’s alright. Debugging any computer program helps in learning and attaining all forms of skills.

3. Cultivating social skills and developing an effective system of communication:

Making friends and acquaintances can be a great way to settle in the environment at a faster and more comfortable pace. There is often such a stereotype set that computer scientists usually display the features of introverts and you know, that is alright. Take time to observe and work in your surroundings. Keeping a professional attitude and an occasionally slightly informal outlook promotes teamwork as well as friendliness. Mega companies, like Google and Facebook, are widely known for promoting this kind of environment and workmanship.

4. To never forego any opportunity to learn:

Out there, in real life, there may always be learning opportunities that pass you by. They can be in the form of training programs, workshops, and various sessions. These can include learning or further polishing languages such as Java, C++, Python, even assembly. Not only those, companies like Nvidia are always offering courses in gaming development engines. Any skill picked up is a bonus in your favor. Plus, it does wonders to that CV of yours.

5. Develop connections and patience is a vital key because not everyone works on the same schedule:

The more you interact within the society, the more you get to know the world around you. Computer science is a field that is an assortment of numerous other fields, even engineering fields. This gives them the advantage to interact and walk among people from all sorts of career lines. Patience is often regarded as one of the most outstanding qualities in a human being. Learning to critically analyze each situation and taking calculated risks is all a part of being patient, especially in situations of crisis or emergency. Ethical hacking is considered a career line where patience is tested when network penetrations are done.

6. Attending Job fairs throughout the country hosted by various educational institutions:

Taking part in such fairs actually gains a cosmos level of exposure to you and your skill-set from numerous amounts of companies and software houses. An example of one of the biggest job fairs in Karachi is Developers’ Day, held in FAST University. A free-for-all job fair is an opportunity worth taking a chance at. Drop your CV and watch the magic unfold right before your eyes. Plus, a job fair is a great way to get to know the corporations that reside within the city.

7. Be positive and keep discovering yourself:

Such behavior is appreciated in any work environment, especially when in innovative places like Silicon Valley or wall street. The more you explore your potential and capabilities, the more you get to learn about yourself. The depths of your potential have no end.

8. Prepare for the future and keep in mind all contingencies and backup plans.

These are merely the tip of the iceberg in regards to what life may throw at an individual who wants nothing more than to see their dream come true. Always keep a backup plan. Having backups makes it easier to deal with 11th-hour problems in any situation. Creating contingencies is all about knowing how to get rid of that malware and knowing when not to open a contaminated file.

All being said, Good luck for the world you’re about to face out there. May the odds be ever in your favor.

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