How students of interior Sindh made it


Author: Muhammad Attique Shah Recently, Mr. Pankaj Raj has been to United States of America, while mr. Buxial Khan has been to Malaysia. Mr. Pankaj belongs to a less privileged family of Kashmore, while Mr. Buxial Khan belongs to Dadu, both are from the interior cities of Sindh. Their feet touching the respective countries inspire hundreds of other youth to think for something big. Before these, many guys from the same institution, Sukkur IBA University, has been to Norway and United States of America, which include names of Mr. Muhammad Attique Shah, Mr. Zulfiqar Chachar, Mr. Sarfraz Bhanbhro Miss. Mahnoor Memon, Miss. Amina Quraishi and few others. Their journey to developed countries of the world is really an inspiration for many youngsters to think for something big, because till now thinking for something big is free of cost and need true dedication and hard work of guys, who want to reach and witness the joys of top positions. This on one hand shows how an institution helps hundreds of students to touch the peaks, while on other hand it inspires hundreds of youth to dream for higher thinks and reach to top positions.


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