How to Safe from Coronavirus


It is a sad reality that, whenever any new disease spread there is no medicine for them. Especially when disease occurs like “Corona Virus”. In this situation when the disease is out of control and there is no solution for it. Then it’s our responsibility to take care of ourselves and others.

As we know the Corona Virus is a disease that transfers from one person to another person. In this situation, we should stay in a safe place/home. We will discuss in detail the effects of gatherings and out-side walk and talk with each other. Right now, that does not matter where you are living or staying, but it is necessary to keep safe. As we know around 185 countries are effected by Corona Virus. It might be right now your country/region not effected, But when people not care and visit your country along with Corona Virus. It will spread as well in your area.

Corona Virus in China

Beauty Tips will not discuss how they start and what’s the scene behind it. But how it spread, you should know it in detail. Wuhan is the province of China, when the Corona Virus starts, people not much care about it. Within a few days, it spread across the province. After that Government of China Take bold steps and close them / lockdown in the whole province Wuhan. Now, after two months they have reached to stop this from spreading on a mass level. But its too late now it’s spread across the world. People of Wuhan China not much care about this virus, and they see the results.

Message For World To Keep Safe From Corona Virus

Coronaviruses create dangerous situations across the world. Few people caring and avoid meeting with others but still, there is a major number (people) who are not caring about this virus. Keep in mind, without lock-down and care it’s not possible to keep safe from Corona Virus.

Beauty Tips and Tricks to Keep Safe From Corona Virus

There is a number of beauty tips and tricks in this regard to stay sound and keep safe from coronavirus but here are few recommendations from doctors. Must follow and let it know to others so that they are also safe and sound.

Don’t Meet With Anyone

Whatever the relation is, keep away from everyone. Because life is more important than any relationship. This is not about the anything else, the reality of this avoid from others is to safe them from the virus as well yourself.

Don’t Hand-Shake with Anyone

Corona Virus spreading due to handshakes as well, so keep away and don’t make hand-shake. Its safety of yourself as well as others.

Wash Your Hands Time by Time

Whenever you touch anything which is in your surrounding, wash your hands and sanitize your hands for safety. This will be best for your health as well it protects others from Corona Virus.

Country LockDown and Corona Virus

Most of the countries are not lockdown / close their activities because of coronavirus as they think it not too much yet. But keep in mind, China and Italy don’t take care at the start. That’s why they are facing such issues now. All countries should stop their activities so that coronavirus ends on its own. Without this much care, it is not possible that we stop Corona Virus.

According to today’s report, there is no such medicine available yet which is useful and anti-toed of Corona Virus. Stay sound and keep away from public activities, gathering and from unnecessary out-side visits.


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