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Karachi University Business Science Conference 1.0 – 2019 Coverage at ICCBS, University of Karachi.

For the first time, ever Department of the Physiology University of Karachi has taken the pledge to motivate the promisingly talented youth from every field towards entrepreneurship/ startups, e-business, digital marketing, and freelancing. The department is proud to establish the concept that student apart from business schools can also set-up and run their own startups. The grand conference is entitled as “Karachi University Business Science Conference 1.0” and will be conducted in ICCBS Auditorium on 24th of August, 2019.

KUBSC1.0 aims to train entrepreneurial minds with the maximum motivation, techniques and rarely delivered information by an experienced panel of globally known master entrepreneurs towards their own startups.

The panel consists of big names of business as well as a tech industry that exhibits a fine combo of science, business, and arts. Madam Sana Farooq founder-“The ELN Networking, Mr. Shoaib Ahmed (Founder) and Mr. Sameer Saleem (Trainer) at “Institute of Digital Marketing” and Mr. Sheikh Atif (Founder) of “Al-Midrar Institute” are the conference trainees while IT Director Sindh Police Tabassum Abbasi, University’s Vice-Chancellor and other high profile dignitaries will be joining as well.

Thus, the conference marvels at setting a benchmark for the creative minds with a sufficiently solid, wilful push to get them started, however.

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