My Inter-Academy is transforming education digitally with online education


Sindh, Karachi: 15th February 2020. My Inter-Academy has launched an online free crash course for intermediate students through their E-Learning Platform. 

Pakistan is the second-largest country with out of school children. With our budget issues, the traditional brick and mortar structure cannot resolve this grave issue. In this situation, technology can play a really important role. My Inter Academy is one of Pakistan’s first online institutes for intermediate students that is transforming education digitally.

They have launched a noble cause to educate thousands of students across Pakistan. Through the power of technology and mass connectivity, they are providing quality accessible and affordable education 24/7 to all.

Recently they have reaffirmed their commitment to this cause by launching a free crash course and are organizing multiple workshops to aware students of it. Through this course, they are providing over 30 hours of recorded lectures, assessments, past paper questions, 3D Animations for conceptual understanding that are important for student’s exam preparation.

The following is the link to the website where students can register for the crash courses:

My Inter Academy recently had a preparation and awareness session at NIC Karachi, NED University on 15th Feb 2020, Saturday. Here are some images from the day:


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