Paying a tribute to Professor Nisar Ahmed Siddique


By. Muhammad Attique Shah

The readiness of we all can be measured by the extent we defend our premises from any disaster. Unlike other universities, Sukkur IBA has been practicing LMS that is a student portal, throughout each campus of the university. The approximate average semester fees of every student are near 70 thousand rupees but the facilities it offers to its family are wider than what, it charges to students in which about 80% of students are studying on scholarships. I have been in touch with many students who study at prestigious institutes who pay more than two hundred thousand fees every year but in return it their institutes have failed to equip their students with modern techniques that could sharpen them with the ongoing market insights. It is sad to say that so many reputed institutions in Pakistan are unfamiliar to prepare their students with the latest practices, especially in dealing with any natural calamity. Recently I came in contact with a loved one who was very upset about using an application called Zoom. When I found out the reason, I was disappointed to hear that my friend was helpless because of no regressive info of the Zoom application due to that had made him upset.

At the same time, my unconscious mind started analyzing how better is my university that is providing free education to nearly 80% of students with a handsome stipend to most scholarship awardees.
In a state of anxiety due to grief, I may have mentioned the names of a few institutions, but things probably look beyond that. The tragedy of our country has been that, first of all, no one is allowed to move forward in good deeds and fortunately if one goes ahead, the path is not smooth as expected. Finally, the thumbs up for all that goes to Professor Nisar Ahmed Siddique, who has been showing perseverance in terms of maintaining quality education in the university for more than a decade. Coming to the crux of this topic that was to show how prepared we are in terms of combatting any natural or unnatural disaster while guaranteeing the provision of quality education as per standards, without compromising on merit, quality, and excellence that has been the slogan of Sukkur IBA University.


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