Karachi 19 April 2019: Assistant Professor Biochemistry, Dow International Medical College, Dr. Mehnaz Nuruddin Gitay said that, planting trees has fortunately become a national agenda with growing awareness among the patriotic people of Pakistan. Plants play a vital role in controlling climate and can impact global warming by absorbing Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere which is a significant greenhouse gas. With plantation happening all around Pakistan, the idea of planting trees at the sea side is much applauded by minds endeavoring for environmental betterment. She said while speaking at the meeting to initiate community drive and contribute in the betterment of Pakistan’s atmosphere.

She told that in order to restore Pakistan’s healthy atmosphere, Dow University of Health Sciences is initiating a community drive to plant trees and bring about a reforestation change. The name of the Drive is GROW GREEN BREATHE CLEAN and to begin with it, volunteers of Dow University will be planting at Manora, naval base on the 28th of April 2019. The plantation will begin at 9 am sharp till 6 pm. It will be hard work and exercise so get prepared with water and some energy supplies in your kit to keep you energized and hydrated, independently of the whole unit.

She said that trees at the sea side serve as a wind shield against the strong winds of the sea. Plantation here serves as habitat for sea fauna and flora. It serves as a barrier against storms and floods. It draws minerals towards land making the land more fertile. More oxygen is generated to help life in and around the sea. Above all, it does not demand a lot of care and attention from us.

The need for plantation and growing green is a global requirement today. Not only to give generations ahead of a stable, green world for survival but to have a pleasant today, it is our duty to take care of the needs of mother earth.


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